Friday, January 03, 2014

Best Of The Year - Part Two

Although I started the "Weekly Inspiration" series earlier, 2013 was the first year I made every single weekend a compilation of the most interesting and inspiring stuff that I found that week. 

The response was great, and few of these were the most popular posts on the blog, thus I feel sorry that I simply couldn't give full credit and description for every picture for different reasons - either I couldn't track it, found the original source or it was uncredited on the website I found it. And I admit, neither did I have the time and resources to do so.
Now, looking back at the posts with all these photos, I thought I will make another one with my most favorite images, with a note or a description here and there regarding why they made the cut the first time. (some people felt the need anyways to express their complaints about this...)

So here it is, the second part of the most interesting and  inspiring images I came across the Internet in 2013:

Love the pattern and colors on this

I carry my own one, plastic bags are garbage!

That moment when you realize this have more truth and wisdom than most religions combined...

It's a cliche, but you never know how much is left, make it count!

Nahh, I can't even...

Now seriously, what's all this obsession and censorshit about women's breasts?!

Godmachine - one of my favorite illustrators out there

...and the government outlawed that kind of expression.

Now seriously, how could you call this vandalism? For fucks sake, it's just a coat of paint, someone please explain how is that damaging the fuckin' train?! And don't come with an answer about how poor passengers can't see through the windows, they are looking at their gadgets anyways, and on the other hand the trains are covered from top to bottom with advertisements... Oh right, just because a company paid big bucks, now it's not a problem that you must look at something you don't want?

The shipwreck Beach in Greece. This place has been on my bucket list (actually, it's the ship that's on my "to be painted on" list) for a long time, now that I'm about to enter the wonderful world of skydiving, why not kill two birds with one stone?

Green Day's Dookie. Probably my all time favorite album

Another thing on my bucket list. And no, this time without painting...

Short hair, pretty face, nice boobs... OK, just kidding, the golden foil print on black shirt.... OK, still kidding, the Rebel8 brand and it's background story together with the works of their head graphic designer Mike Giant were always inspiring to me, a true example what can you achieve with dedication and hard work.

David Choe - the dude who makes Charlie Sheen lookin' like a looser.
PS: just look how he incorporated the cables and that machinery on the wall in his work...

Oh, so you were a receptionist on a cruise ship, please tell me what a sailor you are! The fact that some people sailed across unknown waters battleing the elements on ships like these is beyond my imagination - I would like to believe that had I lived in that era I would have the balls to join the crew of one of these ships...

Bones Brigade

Anti-Flag -another very inspiring band, these guys have to say something and they aren't afraid to do so!

Mr. Mullen, Mr. Hawk and Mr. Hoffman

If you know the man on the photo then look at the titles on the posters...

Balls Pt.3

I'm in no way supporting wars and armies, but this still makes more sense than a prayer

I for some reason find this funny as fuck, and excuse my language, but had I've been taught this way in the school, maybe I would've learnt much more...

Another thing you wouldn't needed to tell me twice, I would probably shit my pants but walked across this - hmmm, can we call it a bridge?

Sorry, rhino horn or shark fin soup won't make your dick hard!

Urbex - because there's something beautiful going to places ordinary people can't, won't or aren't allowed.

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