Sunday, February 19, 2012



Style exchange with SleshOne from Vranje, Serbia:

 Senf42 by Slesh...

 ...and my sketches for Slesh. I hope You like it mate!

Thursday, February 09, 2012


-20C 30cm 25min illegal - Problem?!



Land Rovers, the grandpa and the grandson... For some strange reason, I prefer the old one, this in front looks unreliable on terrain (compared to the other - I know both are superb). And please don't ask why I'm blogging this, it's 5AM and I have ADD. Scroll down if you're here for art. Or vandalism.



Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My Favorite Paint

To all the brand fanatic kids out there who keep asking me the same question over and over...

Thats how I roll. 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Another day in Vienna



I've spent the previous week on a little tour across North Serbia, Hungary and Vienna, Austria as the final destination. It was a great holiday and I fuckin' enjoyed every moment of it! Here are a couple of photos from the trip:

 I have arrived at evening and after leaving my stuff at the place I stayed, it was time for a little sightseeing and marking some spots around...

The city is something like I expected to be for an EU capital, well organized, clean and friendly, and it seems that street art is far more accepted than in other places...

 It was easy to find supplies with the help of a "local", Bilderbox for example is a great bookstore, gallery and graffiti shop

The other thing that I liked and miss at home, that everywhere you go, you'll find stuff from major players in the street art/graffiti game - I bumped into works from Storm, Nychos, Roid, Remed, Scum, 1UP, Toasters, Space Invader just to name a few... Also we saw a few running panels on the S-Bahn while we were checkin' out the line...

And here is the first wall I did with Jena at the Danube Canal HOF:

 I would like to thank Ms. Jena for the great time and all the help, I hope to see You soon! Also, a big thank you goes out to Zero for the help and hospitality during my short stop in Subotica!