Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I'm not disabling my Adblocker and neither should you

Hello nice people, thanks for stopping by for this small rant! This post is sponsored by the idiots who think we are obligated to follow their greedy rules. These screenshots are the results of my browsing experience with Adblocking software engaged, such as ABP, Facebook Adblock and Video AdBlock, but I encourage everyone to use whatever floats their goat.

Seriously?! You try to reason with me using cats?! XD Let me get my red pen and explain something...

Here's the thing with Adblockers what you don't get: I don't mind seeing ads, billboards, posters everyfuckingwhere I turn. Yes, the hood would be much better without them but fuck it, they don't do any harm, doesn't cost me money and serve as a good counter-reason when someone starts bitching about graffiti and street art. I don't care about 30 minute advertisement blocks every 15 minutes on the TV because I don't even own one, just as I almost never listen to commercial radio stations.

But. Filling up your stupid website with unrelated ads to the point that your visitors can't even find the actual content is plain stupid, selfish and generally rude. Those ads slows your site down. They eat bandwidth. They cost me money. I already paid my ISP for the luxury of having access to the internet, and I don't want to waste it on content that I'm not interested seeing.

I also don't care if you're National fuckin' Geographic, PornfuckingHub or some irrelevant blog. There's no way I'm going to disable my Adblocking software.

I get it, you have to make a living. I'm fine with you promoting your services or products on your site, they are at least relevant to the stuff your site is about. But don't insult my intelligence by selling me this "I'll starve to death if you don't visit every stupid ad on my site that some third party company planted here" bullshit.

Here's some news to you: No, I won't whitelist. You're not the only website out there. There's literally hundreds of mirrors offering the same content. If you can't tolerate a few visitors who are smart enough to use a fucking browser add-on, why should we tolerate your greed? Thanks, but I'll go surf elsewhere. The nice people behind my software will find a way anyways to bypass your temporary adblock-blocking script on your site. 'til then, have a nice day.

IDGAF, make your content pay-per-view. Let's see how confident are you now. If it's worth something, I'll be happy to pay you!

It doesn't "looks like". I am using. Deal with it.

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