Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rose tattoo sketches

I have tonnes of rose tattoo sketches in multiple of styles, as this seems like a sure shot when it comes down to standalone or complimentary motives.
Seriously, want a skull tattoo? Here, let me add some roses. Want a pocket watch? It's strapped to a rose. Want a raccoon roadkill in biomechanical style? Sorry, it comes with a rose. Want a rose tattoo? Hmmm, it must stand in front of another rose, just because reasons...
So, whether you're thinking about getting a simple rose tattoo with my name (like in that Dropkick Murphys song) or a full sleeve tattoo with a Caribbean underwater scene, I've got you covered, just contact me and we'll fix an appointment in no time! Or even if you don't give a black flying puck, please spread the world on the social media of your choice, there is plenty of blank skin that needs some ink!

And in case you wonder how roses are born, here's my step-by-step process:

Also, if I didn't mentioned "rose" or "tattoo" enough times 'til now, I just counted them, it's 9 roses and 7 tattoos. Or I don't know or care, I'm an artist not a mathematician.

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