Thursday, April 21, 2011

Senph42 x Tony

My friend Tony from Subotica surprised me with this sketch few days ago and I couldn't resist to paint it outdoors:

Senph42 x Tony

Due to lack of space I had to modify it a little bit, hope Mr. Tony wouldn't mind ;) At least I followed the original color scheme... :) The whole piece is just 115cm wide and I painted it with a NY fat cap, so it was a really useful exercise for can/cap control.


That's what's up!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Illegal Jam 2003

My part of a "wall" that I painted with several other writers back in 2003. during the state of emergency that was declared after asassination of  Zoran Đinđić, Serbian Prime minister.

This was a small jam that was organized for a birthday of a local hip-hop radio show if I'm not wrong.... In that period all public events were cancelled because of the situation in the country (asassination of the prime minister, police raids, state of emergency) but somehow we got permission (or comission from the local council, I'm not shure...) to paint on this metal sheet wall that was installed there not long before the jam. The line up included Zege, Dark1 and Seek from Subotica, the SCK crew from Novi Sad (photo missing) and Kane1 and myself from Kikinda. Given that I barely remember anything from that day, I guess it was a great time :)

Now press play and scroll down to see the full wall! ;)

(click on the image to view the full size)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A piece I did in 2007. Painting in such small sizes (this piece is max. 3m wide) is a bad habit I still try to get rid of. As I mentioned earlier, back in the days we didn't had fancy graffiti sprays, we painted with cheap household paints that were only available here. When we managed to get our hands on a few good spraycans, we used them only on small parts of the paintings, ie. the second outline or highlights (in this case the turquoise, light grey and yellows are some graffiti brands, everything else is regular non-graffiti paint). It was somewhere around 2007-2008 when the first graffiti shops opened their doors in Serbia, in most cases in Belgrade or Novi Sad. In few rare occasions skate shops also offered graffiti supplies at double price. I could recall almost every case when some toys in my city came home from a trip to a big city and thought they are now kings because they have two Montana's :) So, during my short career I learned to respect and value everything that I have and always tried to pull out the maximum from my supplies. Now, when I always have enough cans, I still find myself worrying about running out of paint, and this sometimes leads to small pieces and a bunch of leftovers. Anyway, I'm still enjoying this game and will continue to paint as long as I'm having fun while doing this.

Here And There

Some photo randomness from all over:

Hey look, that's someone rockin' my Old Habits... T-Shirt!
Buying souvenirs? Pfff, that's for tourists. Writers are looking for somethig else...
 Cogito ergo sum.
No, that's not snow. This tree is actually white.

Although these are made with mobile phone, I'm still not really satisfied with my photos, but at least I know what should I do different the next time... OK, this is not an excuse and I will continue to rock this shitty camera because having some expensive CanoNikon dslr's doesn't make you a professional.;) It's like with the cans: back in the days I didn't had access to fancy graffiti-spraypaints, we used everything that we could get our hands on. Even different caps were as rare as sober peeps at New Year's Eve, and we still managed to do some good artworks....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Again and again

OK, I promise I won't upload any more sketches (in the near future...) I'm sick of them too, just can't find time and energy to go out to actually paint. I'm stuck by the computer making some commercial stuff and often end up sketching and making these letter studies instead of real work... But I'm not worried, I'm full of energy, plans and this time really determined about my goals!

Nov Nacin Nov Zivot

Just found these old photos from the "Nov Nacin Nov Zivot" (New Way New Life in Serbian) jam in Belgrade held as part of the BELEF Festival in 2003.
Good old memories, took a 6h long train ride to Belgrade just to arrive in heavy rain, the jam was postponed to the next day, we attended a crazy party that night, met a lot of good people from all over The Balkans, slept at one of the organizer's place, painted the next day and came home by car via Novi Sad... What else do you need? ;)

Photos by DeadLemonade Crew:

 NecOne (BGillegal Crew) and Senph42

Noiz from Montenegro, NecOne and me painting in New Belgrade


Monday, April 11, 2011

B/W World

 Usually I don't even think about sketches like these after I throw 'em on paper, just wanted to show some stuff that I doodle every day when I'm bored or have a short pause between more "serious" projects.... 99% of these don't even get close to a wall. On other hand, they are good to practice basic letter forms, relations between letters or words, etc. Or just killing time :)

And this is a preview of a 4in1 hand drawn sticker that's going to appear on a street art exhibition somewhere in Europe, stay tuned for details! ;)


Thursday, April 07, 2011

Two Years On Flickr

2 years on flickr
This is just a small selection of my works: street art, photos, graffiti etc that I uploaded recently to Flickr. Visit my gallery and check out the rest!

In the past two years I made a lot of contacts via Flickr, found out about exhibitions and got invited to send works for various publications, so overall I can say that it helps a lot for creative people like us!

In the last few months I tried to concentrate just on design and street art and left the everyday stuff, like photos, sketches and similar stuff for this blog. Check back often to both so you could get an image what's I'm all about! ;)

Old sketch, new stickers

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Street Alphabet Competition

OK, first and most importantly: thanks for reading this!
This is what's new:
I'm participating in a design contest hosted at Don't Panic UK. You can take a look and vote for my entry HERE! There's only 3 days left to vote, and it takes just a few minutes of your precious time;)
Thanks in advance! Your help and support is really appreciated!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Saturday, April 02, 2011


How else could you summarize a day, that starts with this:
...Continues with:

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