Friday, July 10, 2009

Normafa Forest Games 2009

I will paint in Budapest, HU on 25th of july on Normafa Forest Games. Thanks for BázisStore graffiti shop for the chance to participate and paint with some of my all-time favorite writers!
Participating writers: BATES, DOES, NASIMO, ESTEO, OBIE, XCEPT, JADE, INSIDE, CREZ, KESH, PEIR, Abes, Áesz, Dagatackcrew, Fagor, Heksia, Kenor, Nozek, Qdir, Senph42, Shel, Tower, Trans, Tres, Vizual, Wakz

New walls

Two pieces from last week:

This is the first time after 5-6 years that I painted a piece with arrows :)

...Working in the hood...

colors on concrete: abandoned construction - payback for the 90-ties!!!