Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Last weekend we had some special guests over in Kikinda, ZerOne and Smack for some chillin' and moshin' at Refuse/Resist festival. The Saturday was great, at least the parts we remember and are not worried to talk about ;) And what else should we do at Sunday, than waking up in 8:30AM and go painting?! We dropped some quick pieces at one of our playgrounds and it was awesome to have almost the whole crew on the line! I hope that day will come too, when we will finally make something remarkable all together... Greetings to Smack and a big thankyou to Ljix for waking up so insanely early, helping me finishing my part and taking pictures in the meantime!

Sen F

Trashed vol.01

Burial Of The Cap


Friday, August 19, 2011

Dirty Habits

Deck and T-shirt design for Dirty Habits Clothing.

Target 42


War Zone


This place is trashed as Hell, so we thought we should add some colors to protect the remains of the standing walls. Ha, what an explanation!* Now, imagine a ruined complex in the middle of Nowherewood, where only pheasants can surprise you; and then suddenly a bunch of people shows up in police and military uniforms, face masks and big ass guns storming the door - doesn't sound good, right? It turned out that we "broke in" a paintball training course, and almost ended up with some different kind of paint stains :D It was our luck that these guys are real pro's and they can distinguish "civilians" from the enemy. After a short talk we came to understanding, both parties are fine with the presence of others, so we finished our pieces in relatively short time and escaped alive :) Being a graffiti writer is never boring!

*No, really, words can't explain how destroyed this building is, so if any authority wants to judge us 'cause we forgot to ask for permission (sorry, happens all the time...) then something is seriously wrong in this town.