Thursday, February 20, 2014

Recycled Skateboards

Stumbled upon this image of a stairway made from blank skateboard decks so I decided to take a look around what else can you do with old boards.

Turns out that there are hundreds of creative ways to recycle an old or unused board; the easiest thing is to hang it on the wall since most decks have awesome graphics while new, or nice texture/damage/sticker collection/battle scars after retirement. Here are few images I stole from all over interwebz to show some other examples what else is there in afterlife of a skateboard deck:

If it's still not enough, check out the sculptures of Haroshi or the product range of Skate Study House for more creative and unique way of "misuse" of skateboard decks!

How do you like these things? In your opinion are they creative products or is this disrespectful for the skateboarding culture? Do you have other ideas for what else can you use your old boards? Feel free to post it in comments or at my facebook page!

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