Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy V-Day

Words can't describe how I waited for this day (to pass) and all this hype surrounding it (to fade away for another year) so I made a few posters to express my view on Valentine's Day. And by that I don't mean the real reason of celebration but what the mainstream media and the corporate machinery made it.

Let's take a closer look:
- I bet most of you reading this told or heard the 3-word-8-letters combo without any true feelings backing it up just to end up in the bedroom with your current date;
- If you're really in a committed relationship, every day is a fuckin' holiday with pink mist and blooming roses and chirping little birdies so picking one and declaring it for the day of love is a bit stupid in my opinion;
- well not in the eyes of companies that are looking to grab any chance to make a little profit by any reason let it be valentine's day, christmass or whatever you prefer. The most important thing is that you spend your earnings on stupid little gifts. Don't do it, make something, or if you're not good in crafts, sing, write a poem or buy from a local artist, neighbour or girl scouts, just make it as personal and meaningful as you can! Believe me, a little home made gift is way more better than any iDevice or expensive jewelry, and if your significant other thinks different, well, I feel sorry for you!
- and last but not least, if you don't spend a little fortune on dead flowers or there's no little heart icon by your name on your facebook profile, that doesn't mean you're worth any less. OK, maybe you are in the eyes of the sales dept. of a few companies, but hey, let that be their problem! Enjoy your life whether in you're in relationship or not, love will find you sooner or later!

And once again, this wasn't intended to hurt nobody, I have nothing against the holiday, relationships or true feelings, I'm just sick of the propaganda that I'm forced to watch, read and hear during this period, and somewhat sad that we successfully managed to turn another nice holiday into a tv shop commercial that tries to convince you how you're supposed to feel and what you're supposed to do to be acceptable.

Thank you for reading this, feel free to share this post if yo agree and/or like it!


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