Thursday, January 09, 2014

2013 Recap

Hooray, it's that time of the year again! I will try to keep this as short as possible, I promise!

Nope, this won't be another "oh what an awesomeness, this was the best year ever" type nonsense, instead I will try to give a honest review what happened the last year in few brief steps:

Since you're reading this blog, let's start with some numbers and stats: this year I published the 1000th post, something I never thought I will achieve when I started this side-project called Blog.

I think the amount of posts and number of visitors gives me a real insight about the quality of my work. At least I hope it's the quality that attracts visitors here! As you can see, everything was right 'til May, when a bunch of things went south all at once, both professionally and in private life. This continued 'til August when I made some (let's say, life changing) decisions, and from there you can see a slow but sure increase in numbers.

One of the changes I made in 2013 is my approach to merch and self-marketing. I managed to sell out a few designs of custom and limited edition T-shirts that I made in partnership with BanatPrint, and spread a ridiculous amount of stickers both at home and abroad.

This is a selection of the logos I worked on in 2013: Creativia got a new logo and visual identity, the Mortero and Downstroy bands got a revamped typography for their new albums, and I designed completely new logos for Rokz Master, BracesPain and Provincial network of local youth offices, among others.

Beside of branding, I was occupied with more loose works, illustrations and drawings, and I was involved in local projects such as the MamutFest, Public Services Day, Exhibition of Underwater Photography, Refuse/Resist Festival just to name a few...

I continued the tradition I started in 2012, where I only paint graffiti when I have an irresistible need to do so; I don't feel like I have to prove something anymore to anyone - like it or not, you can't deny my role and legacy in the local graffiti and street art scene. A few bombings here and there, a few legal walls with friends and visitors and that's it. Oh, and a project I couldn't turned down, my biggest solo production so far, the Mobile Park Project pictured above.

2013 was the Year of Bicycle in the Senpherist calendar; It started on 01. May when I went on a tour with my ex-flatmate, then numerous long-distance trips followed; in May alone I collected more than 600km's on two wheels! A couple of trips to Novi Sad, numerous tours around local villages, or fooling around with GPS trackers in town just to give geo-tagging a new meaning.

This was also the first (and hopefully not the last) year that I attended the Fruska Gora Marathon.

Before you assume I went health-nuts, relax, I had the time to attend tons of parties too:

Rhythm of Europe...

...and Enter The Nu Breed Tour were just a few of them, Ritual Fest, Refuse/Resist, Heten mint a gonoszok, KOF are also some festivals worth mentioning.

On the other side, I managed to cross out a few major things from my bucket list. One of them was scuba diving, I started my basic training for P1 category licence...

...the other one is finally getting into tattoo art; I got inked by no other than one of the best tattoo Artists in the country and the neighborhood, La Madre Muerta, and also started putting together a flash to look for an apprenticeship and begin tattooing.

I also kicked some nasty addictions last year, become more conscious about my work and life, met some awesome people but not everything was fun and games; a few clients drove me up the fuckin' wall and forced me to re-think the way I should treat cheap ass bastards like them; I realized on my own mistakes what they say is true: “If you do good work for good clients, it will lead to other good work for other good clients. If you do bad work for bad clients, it will lead to other bad work for other bad clients.” So, it was time to say goodbye for some of them and give more respect and attention to the ones that appreciate the work we do for them.

So, this would be the end of this little review, it's time to say goodbye to 2k13 and welcome 2014 - I'm already facing some big changes and I hope I will continue to have more fun than the average, be able to work hard and overcome the challenges that wait for me in the next 12 months!


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