Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ritam Evrope 2013

Holly crap, what was that?! I think it's safe to say already that this was the best show I have seen/will see this year!
When you go hitchhiking with two friends and catch a ride almost to the doorstep of your destination, you know things will go right!

We arrived in no time to Novi Sad, hooked up with a bunch of friends (and their inventory IYKWIM) and headed to the city centre to see a "little" festival called Rhythm of Europe. The line-up was awesome, and the best thing is that it had free entry and no alcohol/food ban! Unfortunately we missed the first band, but arrived just in time to catch the rest:


...Kultur Shock...

 ...and the headliners, Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg with Andrew WK on the mic!
I'm afraid I have to admit this was the best day so far this year that I will suffer the consequences being such an idiot, but damn who cares, it was worth it!

After an awesome afterparty and a long walk to a friend's flat in the middle of the night just to arrive to a ridiculous after-afterparty, this was a part of my view from the balcony the next morning. Not bad.

Unfortunately, after this day I had to leave my comrades behind and come home to finish some work, but I've been so full of energy and positive feelings that I had to get back on my bike and ride the hell out of some local roads:

New longest distance in one hour and new best time on 20km - not bad just few days after a long tour with Mr. Alien!

Halfway through my road rage I received a call from Tamara, ZAA's singer sayin' she's in town with her BF's band who will perform this evening with Teatar. I guess the party goes on, and the summer season of 2k13 is already open! \m/



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