Thursday, January 02, 2014

Best Of The Year - Part One

Although I started the "Weekly Inspiration" series earlier, 2013 was the first year I made every single weekend a compilation of the most interesting and inspiring stuff that I found that week. 

The response was great, and few of these were the most popular posts on the blog, thus I feel sorry that I simply couldn't give full credit and description for every picture for different reasons - either I couldn't track it, found the original source or it was uncredited on the website I found it. And I admit, neither did I have the time and resources to do so.
Now, looking back at the posts with all these photos, I thought I will make another one with my most favorite images, with a note or a description here and there regarding why they made the cut the first time. (some people felt the need anyways to express their complaints about this...)

So here it is, the first part of the most interesting and  inspiring images I came across the Internet in 2013:

Sofles - one of the most versatile contemporary artists, regardless whether we're discussing graffiti, fine art or tattoos. Limitless, his latest video quickly become the most viewed graffiti video on Youtube, for good reason... (except maybe that noise in the background that some call music)

And what's your excuse?!

Charles Trippy - no matter how sh*tty (OK, actually it's not, it's me who dislikes that kind of emo punkish pop) his band's music is, the man is a fuckin' legend given what he achieved and went through.

Francoise Nielly - her portraits ROCK!

Not sure whether this is photoshopped or not, yupp, definitely photoshopped, but this is the kind of respect mother Nature deserves!

A classic example of the level of creativity in Street Art.

Take a classic, add a small twist and there's another entertaining product...



I love the combination of black, white and red (and generally, stuff with limited color scheme), and the details in the graphic above are also breathtaking

The right place at the right time

My favorite dog (beside German Shepherd, English bulldog and dogs generally - I guess I'm not a cat person)

One of the murals that blew my mind this year

Balls Pt.2 - hats off for the cameraman, I hope one day I will have the chance to swim with such a magnificent creature

Great concept - If we must fuck up the landscape, at least we do it with style!

... and not the kind of slave your cat demands to be!

Product/packaging design at it's best

I love the natural "censorship" on this one

Does it needs a comment?

One of the quotes that hangs in my studio

Vandalism with a style and message

Askew again... I love the way he went with his fine art works and how he incorporated that new style in his street stuff

Nice T-shirt, nice tattoos, beautiful woman

Because no one rides a stock Harley

Smug and his portraits. No comment.

BMW's art car project

I'll give you some time to finish your thoughts, but this wasn't selected because of that; "Two hands working can do more than a thousands of hands clasped in prayer"  - remember this the next time you say you will pray for someone/something. If you want results instead of being a little hypocrite, go and do something!

The famous yellow duckie. For me this has a clear message (beside of the fact it's damn cute) - the oceans are not a playground!

Erőss Zsolt

Dmitriy Samohin

Another exapmle of great Street Art: you don't need to be a Picasso to add something interesting to the public space!

The sad truth about art(ists)

The details on this tattoo are beyond my understanding

Hello, my name is Tim

An open letter that the Blackhawks organization sent to Boston after the last Stanley Cup season; a good example about sportsmanship, dedication and appreciation in Hockey, one of my most favorite sports.

There is life after death

Now before you ask, yes, I know who she is and what she does for living. And why would we judge her?! Take a look at the artwork two images below!

Don't act like the street belongs to you!

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