Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesketchday 46

This is a sneak peek of the stuff I've been working on lately: getting busy with more "traditional" lettering, and handwriting. There's a lot more to practice, but hey, nobody was born with skills like Norm AWR!
Below are a few more wip shots:

Not much going on graffiti-wise, I've been busy with other illustrations lately, the best I was able to do is to sort out how to combine 5-6 sketches into one ultimate piece:

Can't wait to finish that wall and to reveal the final image!
Of course, there's allways time for a quick, few-minute experiments with new materials and techniques:

While we're at the subject of experiments, this month was a breakthrough in my time management and relationship towards work, I "forced" myself into a daily drawing challenge, and I can say, it's more fun and less hustle than it sounds and I'm really enjoying it; Here's a small collection of original doodles that I use for the Daily Skull challenge:

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon on my blog!

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