Monday, December 17, 2012

History Of Vandalism 12

I found another batch of old photos, most of them dating back all the way from the beginning of my writing "career". I'm scanning the best and most memorable of them, so let's continue the "History Of..." series with a new episode every Monday!

Kikinda, 2002
Do I need to say anything about this? :D This started as a part of a big (illegal) mural on the main transit road in my hometown. I will also try to find the photo of the piece by the side of this Porsche, that took 2 days nights to finish. The second night a woman who was living on the first floor behind the corner asked us the writers to be quick and don't worry for the cops, nobody will call them 'cause they like what's being painted, just finish it asap 'cause it's late and their little kid can't sleep :D

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