Friday, December 28, 2012


OK, somebody please explain to me, why is graffiti and street art considered vandalism, and this shit above called art?! I'm not a bookhugger but whoever makes these "sculptures" should go fuck himself because this is nothing more than destroying another artists work! Doesn't matter even if it's a phone book (which they obviously aren't) I don't know how this adds more value to somebody's work. The original writer put some effort and skills to write something, and cutting it in pieces with a machine is a similar disrespect like going over another artists painting, graffiti or whatever.  If these landscapes are carved by hand I admit somebody has some skills that he should use in another material, but chances are high they are made with some "CNC and lasers and shit" and so it's even bigger crap. Sorry if I hurt someone's feelings, I don't know neither care who made this,  but I can't share other people's enthusiasm just because they were told on some art blog or 9gag that these are cool and trendy artworks.

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