Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap

I can sum up the whole year in one quote:
visitor stats of my blog...
... and website

It's enough to take a look on the blog and website stats to see that (beside the usual ups and downs) everything is going to the right direction, and I guarantee I will give 142% to keep things working!

I have worked with some amazing clients, and more completed design and illustration works will be available soon + I'm already booked 'til February.

Some of the walls from 2012. Changed a little the attitude towards painting and went out piecing only when I wanted, not when I thought it would be time to do something. Quality over quantity! Beside that, I managed to visit places where I never been before (Austria, Kosovo, ...) and paint with old and new friends from all over the place.
To cut the long story short, 2012 was good and I already know 2013 will be awesome!

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