Friday, November 27, 2015

Pencil, eraser, ink, mirror

Pencil, eraser, ink, mirror.... or some of the basic tools for a successful illustrator. Beside aerospace grade steel nerves and unlimited supply of caffeine, but that's a different story. What I'm fascinated about in this post is these photos I ran into which depicts a few cartoonists at work.

Back in the days I found it extremely hard to draw various emotions, and those were realistic human portraits. I couldn't even imagine how it is to draw various facial expressions on cartoons or fictional characters and always wondered how they manage to pull that off so easily... Well, here are some examples :)

This should serve as a constant reminder for myself and like-minded creatives: there is no such thing as easy way, but you can do great things with a healthy dose of self confidence, determination and a little talent! Just keep practicing!

PS: If you draw comics, cartoons, or any other type of characters, please feel free to leave some examples or link to your portfolio in the comments below, I'm really interested what are you into!

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