Thursday, November 19, 2015

Comissioned mural for an exchange office

I painted this mural for an exchange office a few months ago in Kikinda and this is a textbook example about how this kind of works should go. From the initial meetings through development phase to the finishing touches everything went smoothly.

Of course, there were some obstacles to tackle, for example body building with a big ass wooden ladder, dealing with annoying passers-by bombing me with questions at the beginning why am I painting the whole block in black, and hunting for tourists looking for an exchange office just to ask them how should we translate the text to their native language...

100% spraypaint on bricks and metal, freehand. 

 I must have done something right since Ps started eating sh*t again when I was editing the above photos...

I owe a big thankyou to Stevan for listening to my insane ideas, constructive feedback and his trust in my work! If you're looking for an exchange office in Kikinda, I can only recommend this one on the main street, a few minutes from city center, across the Maxi supermarket!

And last but not least, greetings to Jest from Beowallz graffiti store in Belgrade for hooking me up with the right tools for the job, without his help we would still paint with dirt, piss and mammoth blood like the cavemen! :D

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