Sunday, July 19, 2015

Esox lucius

Ljix was nice enough to show up in Kikinda after 100 years, and even better, she didn't stopped annoying me 'til I agreed to go out painting with her so she could take these amazing photos. Here's a quick report how to have fun in the middle of the nowhere in 40C

Step one: prepare a sketch

Step two: ride or die

Step three: have breakfast

Step whocares: start painting

continue painting

wonder why your head turned into little squares

MacGyver a camera stand

take photos of the Esox lucius skull

eating an Esox lucius bait

and the whole mural (which you can enlarge with a mouse click)

party hard

...forget some stuff at the crime scene and ride into the sunset. Thanks Ljix for literally forcing me to get up and do something creative!

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