Monday, April 27, 2015

Fruskogorski Maraton 2015

A quick recap of the 38th mountaineering marathon on Fruška Gora, held between 25-26. April.

After last year's adventure it was an obvious choice to play the double-or-nothing card and enroll in the 107km long ultra marathon, which was an excellent warm up for the challenges that I'm planning for the end of this summer.

This is how you pack for two days on the trail and 2 additional nights on road. Only 1/4th of this ended up in the small backpack that I took with me on the race.

Somewhere at the beginning of the trail. Still feeling unbreakable and able to take photos! :)

The view from the south side of Fruška Gora

That feeling!

Something is lurking behind the trees...

A part of the trail that looked like an obstacle course for military training...

... which is not bad at all, but resulted in traffic jams that can be frustrating when you would like to hurry.

Men's best friend.

Follow your heart?! F*ck you tree, like that ended that well the last time!

Still riding. A familiar sticker in the village of Jazak.

For those who asked what it looks like hiking alone in the middle of the forest during night... This picture doesn't make it justice, I actually enjoyed every minute of it!

Dawn at the "mountain"

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Another pit stop beside the remains of a campfire at the top of the Fruška Gora.

The antenna at the peak. Any BASE jumpers out there?

The last challenging sector (who am I kidding, after 80km's out there, everything is challenging) This little creek is about 1m (3-3.5ft) wide. It was still a painful mission to cross!

That city in the distance is Novi Sad. Great view and everything, but when you realize that's the spot you need to get back to, it can really f*ck you up mentally.

And finally, the stamp we were fighting for. Since this was my first ultra marathon, I didn't really cared about the time and finishing position, but after all, it wasn't such bad at all. At least I have something I could compare my results next year!

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