Monday, April 28, 2014

Fruskogorski Maraton 2014

Random images from the Mountaineering Marathon on Fruska Gora held last weekend:

I could get used to a backyard like this - somewhere near Jazak

 42 everywhere

leaving checkpoint 7

the old TV tower pimped by NATO in 1999

the writing says it's a shortcut, but we didn't wanted to risk and run into a kidney shop

Checkpoint 11 - the kids at the table are in charge, they were the coolest and happiest dudes in the village

there's a familiar TV tower in the distance

Morimus funereus

somewhere in the middle of nowhere, suddenly a wheat field

crossing the finish line after 50km's of mud, sweat and beers

This was a nice challenge and fair accomplishment considering I wasn't prepared at all; I've spent the most part of April in bed, lost 10kg's and all my activity consisted of trips to bathroom to take a cold shower to lower my fever, so I'm very satisfied I proved wrong all the people who told I wasn't ready, I'm not able to pull this off or tried to held me back in any other way! I had a great time despite some of the difficulties we met during the hike and can't wait to come back next year! A big thank you for the organizers and all volunteers from various rescue and national park services, keep up the good work! Also, thanks for Apartment12 for entertainment and hospitality, I had an amazing time in Novi Sad!

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