Monday, July 16, 2012

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252,547,200 seconds
4,209,120 minutes
70,152 hours
2923 days
417 weeks
96 months
Digging through the calendar in my old phone I found out about two events that somehow changed my life some time ago:
1.) My application to an art school in Belgrade was rejected with some lame ass excuse so I learned the hard way how things are going in this corrupt country; luckily this didn't broke me and I promised myself I will make it anyway in this business and I'm still determined about my goals regarding my career;

2.) Shortly after I met a very special person who is one way or another still very important to me 'cause she was always there to motivate and help me when I needed it the most and although we took different paths some time ago, I'm still thankful for every moment we spent together.

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