Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dani Urbane Kulture Čačak

I was invited by Don Saur Shkrabatorre to visit her in Čačak during Dani Urbane Kulture (Days of Urban Culture) Festival and skate park opening. Here are some words and photos from my trip...

During the first day nothing interesting happened, at least with me; I've spent the whole day in various buses 'til I arrived to my destination. Meanwhile Shkrabatorre was recovering from the night before and the rest of the guys got busy on few different locations around the city...

Day two
Yeah, send the guy with fear of heights and an IDGAF mentality on the top of the scaffolding, what could possibly go wrong, right? Here's a view from my office:

OK, it's not that scary:

My "friends" and "admirers" love to accuse me that I do tons of shiny details in the final steps just to cover the errors and mistakes I previously did on my piece... Here are a few details, you decide how many errors needed to be covered:

BTW it's all one pass, no cutbacks work I did in between quick showers of rain, up on the top of a scaffolding. I'd say it's not bad for a piece that probably nobody will ever look from this close again...

Shout-outs to Kezz and Indy87

Later at night we attended a nice little music festival. OK, a fuckin' awesome HC festival.

Day 03
We went back to the schoolyard where the mural painting took place to finish our works and take photos,...

 (you can click to zoom these last three photos, I borrowed them from the organizer's facebook page)

 ...then headed out to another location for another round of painting:

ShSeKrabatorrePh and Corte (click for full size)

A big thanks for organizers, especially Milorad who is one of the most PMA and dedicated guy I ever met, Shkrabatorre for hospitality, motivation and invitation, all the new and old friends I met during these few days. See you soon!

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