Monday, February 18, 2013

Little Hero

I saw this comic on 9gag and trying to find the original since months:

This little story reminds me of my history classes in elementary school: the teacher was always yelling like 20 minutes on some problematic classmates of mine, of course I got bored and started drawing in my notebook; Then she complained how I'm doesn't paying attention in class, which lead to an arguing between us for another 10 minutes. I was like "why the hell would I care what you are fighting about, it's not my problem that other kids can't behave on your watch, now you're bitchin' about how I occupied myself and we aren't learning a damn thing again".
I had more drawings of comic book characters, dinosaurs, NHL team logos and other random images than actual notes from the class... No wonder I became a creative and not a historian...
Anyways, if you know who was the original author of the comic please let me know, he/she deserves the full credit for this!

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