Monday, November 05, 2012

History Of Vandalism

I found another batch of old photos, most of them dating back all the way from the beginning of my writing "career". I'm scanning the best and most memorable of them, so let's continue the "History Of..." series with a new episode every Monday! :) 

This "Aliens" piece is my (and my hometown's) second or third work that I painted in public and my very first character :) (now you understand why I refrained from painting characters for years... :D) This was painted in spring of 2000. with my friend Zevs (not THAT Zevs from France) at the now demolished ruins of former discotheque in Kikinda. As you can see, I preferred from the start unusual and abandoned locations, but it didn't took long to discover the wonderful world of street bombing, but that's for another chapter of "History Of Vandalism"! ;)

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