Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bay of Kotor

I know most of you came here for graffiti and stuff so I'll cut the cr*p and just upload the goodies:

(click to embiggenize)

But since you're here, check out the rest of this road trip I made with the Orca Diving Club:

The weather was fantastic. A few snapshots from across Serbia and Montenegro through our dashboard:

I wasn't the only one who left his mark on the walls in the neighbourhood:
 Even Jackson Pollock painted a whole boat here:

 Find the right angle and even the dirtiest seaside looks like a fancy beach

A few days into our trip we finally caught some sunny hours so we climbed the ridge nearby.... of course, immediately started raining we got up there...

is this considered cheating?
 20000ml cans and a boat equivalent of a supercar power/weight ratio engine. Seriously, put that on the zodiac pictured above and everybody will think you're trying to compensate for something, which of course isn't true if you're a diver :)

I couldn't  agree more:

One of the best and most terrifying experiences I ever had in or near water, night diving course. I know I can't describe what it is like, so I won't even try...

Took a day off from the Orcas and visited a friend in Trebinje, Republika Srpska, of course you can't get away with a few more boring tourist shots...

It was great to be back near salty water after a quarter of century, only this time ticking off an item from my bucket list. Greetings for everyone who was part of this journey and made it possible!

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