Monday, October 29, 2012

History Of Vandalism

I found another batch of old photos, most of them dating back all the way from the beginning of my writing "career". I'm scanning the best and most memorable of them, so let's continue the "History Of..." series with a new episode every Monday! :)

This is my "contribution" to the first graffiti jam that was held at this legal spot in the centre of Kikinda, across the Court Of Justice :D Yeah, I know, this town is full of controversies, but what can we do, this spot is just perfect for a legal wall: it's just one corner from the Bus station and the only hotel in the centre, and it's on a very busy intersection. Too bad we have a bad habit of holding elections every second year or so, and this wall was always destroyed with fuckin' political propaganda posters, that's one of the reasons it got abandoned after few years.

Regarding this image: due to the large number of participants on the mentioned jam, I decided to save on wall space and paint a character. I rarely do that because I still prefer writing letters to this day, although I don't have a problem painting "things" too. One of the reasons for this was that we didn't had access to quality paint (I talked about that a few times before) so it was a pain in the ass creating quality stuff with a limited color palette and water-like paint.

Unfortunatelly I can't recall the exact date when this was made, but I'm glad I came across this image, I totally forgot about this caphead guy :) The other reason is to pay homage to this wall because it will be demolished soon, but I'm somehow glad because this empty corner will soon become a better place! ;)

Stay tooned, I'm coming back next Monday with another gem, my second or third piece I ever painted in public! That shit is epic, watch what I told! ;)

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